May 13, 16
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My apologies for not updating. I had to take a medical leave of absence and am just now returning. Expect updates slowly starting to roll out as I gather them up!

Feb 11, 16
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I have added three sessions of Kristen from Sundance this year to the gallery!

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Kristen Stewart seems to have a healthy desire to push herself to greater things. She’s been in the biggest vampire franchise of all time, made history by winning a prestigious César award and now she wants to try life behind the camera.

The 25-year-old star told Vanity Fair:

“Oh yeah, I’m gunning. I really want that now. I think that I’d be pretty good at getting people on the same plane and on the sort of train. Yeah. I can’t fucking wait.”

This is not to say that Kristen’s tired of acting. She recently told THR that she’s still deeply committed to her work in front of the camera:

“I feel really stimulated and challenged and not bored. If that ran out, then I would stop acting. I’m madly in love with what I do.”


Stewart revealed that she was moved to tears — almost — watching Abergel take the stage. But then it was the Stewart’s turn. Wearing Sally Lapointe, the actress explained her work with Dempsey: “We’re this twisted, super loyal, overworked family. I love Jill, because when I think of her, the first word that comes to mind is ‘powerhouse.’ I’m so happy I get to do this.”

“I’ve got four words for you, Kristen,” responded Dempsey. “I love you, dude.”


Dec 21, 15
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